Since 1966 the Performing Arts Competitions Association of New Zealand Inc. has acted as the National Body for New Zealand’s Performing Arts Competition Societies.

P.A.C.A.N.Z. (Performing Arts Competitions Association of NZ Inc.) is a parent organisation of 52 smaller competition societies in New Zealand. Competitors qualify by entering their local competitions, undergoing a rigorous selection process and performing to the specific required standards of their chosen art form. They then represent their society at the national competition. For some this is the pinnacle of their artistic endeavours for others however, this will be the catalyst that launches their professional career.

In selected disciplines, entrants in the Hamilton Competitions will compete for the opportunity to represent the Waikato at the National Young Performer of the Year Awards (PACANZ). These awards will be held October 2021 in Palmerston North and will bring together the finest young talents to compete for prize money and the recognition associated with being the best in their discipline. The 2021 PACANZ disciplines are: Ballet, Tap, Modern, Pianoforte, Vocal and Troupe/Group.